South Gulf Football Officials Association

2010 FHSAA Association of the Year

SGFOA est. 1976 and 2010 FHSAA Association of the Year

The SGFOA alumni and members who are in the College and Pro Levels of officiating.

Joe Rider - ACC, Arena, CUSA Referee and FHSAA Hall of Fame Member

Chink Piggott - FHSAA Hall of Fame Member

Jeff Rice - CUSA and NFL (3 Super Bowls, most recently SB50 and 2011 Pro Bowl)

Larry Rose - SEC and NFL (1 Super Bowl and 2011 Pro Bowl)

Rob Zivkovic - ACC and Sunbelt Line Judge

Greg Diserio - ACC and MEAC Line Judge

Gil Whitmore - Big East, GSC Head Linesman and XLIF Arena, Gil has officiated two NCAA national semi-final playoff games.

Rich Misner - ACC Line Judge (2009 BCS National Championship game)

Mike Pavese - ACC Head Linesman and former MEAC Referee

Barry Hendon - ACC Back Judge

Dave Elmore - Arena League, MAC  and WVIAC

Jody Finley - SAC and XLIF Arena

Jimmy Russell - SEC and AAC Back Judge

Doug Stevens - GSC, GACOA, XLIF Arena and MEAC

Chuck Rice - SEC and  AAC, Line Judge

Allan Nicholson - CFO West, GACOA, XLIF Arena


2003 6A State Final Crew, Orlando Edgewater vs Carol City (L to R) Elmore, Whitmore, Stevens, Brown, Goble, Holland, Losauro and Hanson

Association founder, Joe Rider at his FHSAA Hall of Fame induction with Jimmy Russell and Mike Pavese.

Pictured below: SGFOA and GNOA officials traveled to Dublin, Ireland in September 2016 to officiate 2 football games with teams from Georgia, Florida and New Jersey. Left to right: Klaas, Finley, Mackett, Mantica, Roorda, Stevens, Ferenchak and Abele.

2010 FHSAA 2B State Final Crew

L to R, Perez, Wheeler, Sanzone, Rusnock, Stevens, Lutz, Spangler and Bryant.

Trinity Catholic defeated University School 56-55 in 3 OT's. 

Listen to the radio broadcast by clicking here

2014 FHSAA Finals Crew: (L to R) Spangler, Wheeler, Merrow, Hobbs, Mantica, Jones, Mackett and Lewin.

2013 FHSAA State Finals crew: (L to R) Dente, Guillen, Doupe, Walker, VanDamme, Abele, Latherow and Costain.

2008 FHSAA State 4A Finals Crew

Tampa Plant vs Lincoln. Smith, Elmore, Bosselor, Holland, Burch, Schaible and Whidden

2006 5A State Finals Crew

Luecke, S. Smith, Mantica, N. Smith, Rusnock, Whidden, Wheeler and Singer

Ken Reese's 2013 Playoff crew: (L to R) Finley, Reese, Mackett, Murphy and Spangler.

2009 FHSAA 5A State Semi Final

St. Thomas Aquinas (USA Today ranked #1) @ Manatee. Bryant, Nicholson, Hanson, Luecke, Stevens, White, Whitmore and Elmore.

2007 All Star Crew

Zivkovic, Ochsner, Smith, Nicholson and Bryant

2008 All Star Crew

Burch, Walker, Whitmore, Rusnock and Ferrera

2009 All Star Crew

 Finley, Lutz, Singletary, Brown, Spangler and Jacobs

2014 Rotary All-Star crew: (L to R) Sullivan, Horth, Walker, Tisme and Wang.

Playoff Game in Key West

Spangler, Hobbs, Stevens, Latherow and Luby

2012 All Star Crew

L to R: Finley, Shaffer, Thomas, Abele, Whidden and Grannan.

2010 All Star Crew:

L to R: Dente, Lewin, Murphy, Schaible, Perez and Paul.

2004 Arena Cup

Stevens, Elmore, Hanson, Brown, Smith and Latherow

SGFOA Alumni and current NFL Umpire, Jeff Rice

Jeff shares some words with Kurt Warner during the Super Bowl. 

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